Love and the Internet

Love and the App

Love and the Set up

Love and the…

So, tell me…what’s the difference between meeting someone online versus at a bar or anywhere?

Hubby and I were a set-up. The set-upper met theirs via the Internet of decades ago. My mom met dad via his sister who worked with mom. Couple of my daughter’s friends have met theirs through an app. Others in the family through friends or school.

Does it matter where you meet?

I’ve heard the stories of how can you tell if what they’re telling you is true. What if they’re just presenting a “good” face and change the moment you’re alone?

Okay, what way of meeting am I talking about?

I was with a group of friends when I met the husband. But, I was alone with him as we learned more about each other. There was no safety net just trust my friend hadn’t set me up with a nutjob and vice-versa.

Ted Bundy picked women up in parking lots.

Via the Internet or an app you get a bit more background. You spend time chatting…only a true nutjob can maintain lies for any length of time, so you have some bit of a safety net to discover that before being alone with them.

Does it even really matter where or how you found your love?

It’s risky no matter what. Go for it.