The Love Letter

Does anyone write them anymore? More than the glossy cards we sign at holiday and anniversaries. More than the messages we add to them.

When was the last time you wrote or received a genuine love letter?

Something in your love’s handwriting on fancy paper spilling those words we don’t hear or give enough. More than, I Love You, a thank you for doing ______, a worded boost because they knew we’ve been feeling low. Not even a written out poem of a long ago poet.

I’m probably aging myself, but does the generation(s) under us even know about love letters? I wouldn’t want a text or email love letter, it would be like a love letter on a postcard anyone could read if they wanted.

Did my grandmother write my grandfather during WWII? I don’t honestly know. Never thought to ask her. Never saw any letters from him to her for that matter. My parents? Haven’t seen any over the years of clearing and moving. Funny, I can’t see them, all four of them, writing love letters. They’re my parents, grandparents after all.

Are love letters figments of Hollywood writers?

Are love letters a casualty of the online world?

Maybe we’ve forgotten words in favour of emoji?

I hope not. Bring back the love letter, handwritten on fancy paper, please.