Am I a hopeless, never-ending romantic to think romance is ageless? With the percentages of divorce can romance be ageless? Maybe romance repeats through our lives. Why then do we celebrate first young loves and smile and feel all warm over seniors in love?

Does this not prove love, romance, is ageless? Or is love ageless and romance is _____? Ongoing? Changing?

When I was drafting this post I really went off into left field with a side trip to who knows where. I thought I had a huge insight and words to generate a smooth posting and what I found is…I have no clue what romance is and it’s love that is ageless.

My maternal grandfather snuck 45 roses into the house to celebrate his and my grandmother’s anniversary. Sweet, even though my grandmother hinted that after a day the house kinda reminded her of a funeral visitation room. That’s romantic…the gesture not the after effect.

However, my grandfather would bring her tea most mornings…to her in bed. He peeled all the potatoes at dinner…I was told he had practice in WWII.

My grandmother would lay out his clothes before any outing and he would change without a word…except to say he had changed already, but okay.

My dad bought my mom two blouses for Christmas one year, mom made him return them due to the expense and not her style, really. Dad drove mom to work every morning.

You tell me…is this romance or love? The memories are definitely ageless.