Why rewrite?

I wrote Midnight Find under the criteria of a short story series theme. We were given a dating service that must be present and the story could not have a happy ever after ending.

Fine with me, I’ll give it a try, besides I have never been the HEA ending lover. Too formula. But, I didn’t expect to fall for my characters. I didn’t expect to want them to last beyond this one hit and miss story.

Now, I want to tweak the criteria out of this story. Strengthen it with what I know now that I didn’t really think of before and add Iris and expand Olive’s play. The ending? That I’m unsure about, maybe I’ll keep it and go for a sequel or maybe I’ll change it to the HEA.

No one ever said an HEA had to be sappy or formula or typical. I think I’ve just came up with the ending…oh, yeah this will work and it fits my quirkiness. Where’s my notebook before I forget it…

Okay, quick note done and I’ll be fine as long as I don’t misplace it. I’m constantly finding notes I’ve made that either don’t fit anymore or that I wish I had written them instead of what I already did…rewriting can be a challenge.

It’s more than a simple editing because you never know what change will lead you down a new path or mess something that was perfect before you started changing everything. The worst part is changing one area and missing something small that you didn’t see as having any impact.

When I first wrote this story I had Olive married so many times that it didn’t fit with her age.

Given this is a tweaked story and going to be part of Iris’ world, time to start looking at cover images, too…that’s another posting for another day.