Where did Iris come from? She wasn’t in the original story that started my romance writing trip, Midnight Find. No, that was Olive. I still love Olive, but she’s a bit feistier than what I was looking for in this series of stories. She’ll still show up; she is Iris’ sister after all.

Iris is calmer. A listener. Where Olive is direct, Iris gently guides.

Iris has had one great love who has passed on and she’s open to another, but not looking. A believer in you know love when you feel it. You know love when you see it. So far, all the love that has crossed her path she sees for others not herself.

And that’s okay.

Iris is a mature older woman, say in her seventies. And will make an appearance in the rewrite of Midnight Find. At first, I thought she would be a matchmaker and a maker of hand fans, but I’m not sure now. I’m leaning towards people crossing her path and she goes from there. I do like the idea of her having a collection of hand fans, maybe her symbol, calling card.

It’s never crossed my mind if Iris has any children or not. Perhaps she’ll be the mother-aunt to all of Olive’s children…never thought about Olive having children or grandchildren. That could be a fun storyline to follow.

It’s going to be fun learning more about Iris and the stories she’s waiting to tell me, hope you join us as I travel this path.