What is romance?

Romance, to me, is the falling in love part of a story. The being in love part of the story. The heart attachment between characters. Their love partnership.

It’s not about the games or other jealousies, it’s what’s between the two people.  It’s not about flowers and chocolates or candlelight dinners. It’s the dependability and trust between each other…at any age.

Age doesn’t not have the ruling word on romance. And romance doesn’t stop at any designed age. I’ve witnessed romantic gestures between new teen love and double-digit togetherness. No, romance still doesn’t require a marriage certificate either.

Romance is knowing someone has your back. Has you. You can fight and get angry and everything, but in that final moment you still have each other.

Can you have a romance with yourself? Why not? Treat yourself exactly how you want to be treated. Don’t wait around for someone else to make you feel good, loved. Love yourself and more love will surely find you.