Who is Iris

Iris…named Olive in the original story…was a character meant to introduce the dating club to my MC, in the original work MIDNIGHT FIND. Nothing more. An eccentric character of many marriages – no sex without a ring generation.
Then she ended up returning at the conclusion of the story. Someone to tie up the changes in Tina’s new life? I would love to say I crafted that, but nope. Iris/Olive just made herself known and came back.
She won’t let me go. She keeps slipping into my thoughts, reminding me she exists.
She’s feisty and solid. Has a strong sense of who she is and what it means to be true to yourself. She has a few secrets you’ll learn about in the future.

Her series will bring couples together. Not quite a matchmaker but a realist for those who won’t take the risk of falling in love. The risk of trusting themselves. Right now I’m getting the idea of some tales that won’t necessarily end with a couple, but with the lead being made whole.

She is the calm ”old” soul within. Doesn’t have all the answers but enough to guide others to their own. Hope you’ll enjoy her as much as I do.

And that is one clue on getting your story to paper – to screen. Write the story your characters tell you. Listen to their voices because they are your creative voice. The voice(s) the internal editor doesn’t hear.