Why the name change…again

Honestly, I don’t know if I wrote about this here or under another blog. But, Olive has gone under a name change, again.

First it was simply to keep anyone from thinking I named her after anyone I knew…nope, name sounded good and fit the age of the character. Then I realized same name as the mom of my teen music crush, nope that won’t work.

Then the story concept took another turn and “Olive” became too flirty, too opinion-independent, liberated <?> for the character lead I had in mind. Iris was “born.”

Olive believes in many loves for everyone, that we don’t just have that one great love, that one soulmate. She loves with all her heart.

Iris? She believes this as well, but she also knows she’s been lucky to have that one great love. Her soulmate. She’s not closed to what the future might bring her, but she knows what she had and the future has quite a mountain to surpass for her heart to open for another.

Sometimes it is the character, story that will dictate to you a name change. You need to listen to the story/character’s voice and pay attention.

More writer imaginary multiples…yes, I do hear their individual voices.