Does advice work?

Does advice work?

Not in my experience and that’s advice I’ve been asked to give. It’s either not the answer they’ve wanted to hear or they need to have it match the advice of 4-6 other asked people. Or go and get it confirmed by 4-6 people.

I once had a friend, quite honestly, say she would tell a friend to dump the cheater and knows she should take the same advice, but won’t.

Has any advice given ever worked?

I started replying to any of those touchy, swampy questions with – how truthful do you want me to be? Blunt or smile and nod? Most admit they need blunt but give them the smile and nod. Why? Because they already know the blunt answer and don’t like it.

Or, I’ll reply with…what do you think/want? Yup, toss it back like a hot potato.

Mom once said to me – don’t tell me all your arguments because you’re my child no matter your age and you will make up, but I’ll always have that tiny spark of anger at your other half.

And that’s why advice can burn the advisor – they will make up and you’ll be the one both are now made at.

Advice? Where’s my ten-foot pole?