My romance goals

Or…taking care of two birds with one whatever…not that this may make sense this week.

Instead of rambling notes that sit on the page alone as I try and work this out, how about we figure this out together. If you’re new to writing…then you know what you need to do. You read the same material I have. A reader of romance might be interested in how the stories come into being.

Most times it’s simply a telling of a story. So-so and the other one get whatever whenever and this, that, and the other thing happens until the end.

Why not this time? Trying too hard? Where is this story?

I’m determined these stories, Iris, will be simple romance-only stories. No other genres. Is that my problem? Am I too much mystery, darkness, non-HEA to create a romance-only story?

I want to prove I can write romance. I don’t need to rely on other aspects to write romance. I want romance to be the focal point.

Iris is a widow who isn’t searching for another love, she experienced true love and is living fulfilled. She wants what she had for others. If another love comes by, okay.

Iris is married and her and her husband…what?…matchmakers? People magnets? I did think matchmakers as in she gives and then he gives…yeah, that idea really makes no sense. Could be tweaked for a different story.

No, Iris is a widow. I’ve know this to be right because…check back next week.

Never said I wouldn’t mix a little mystery here 😉