…your story is talking.

There’s the quote about listening to hear is better than listening to talk your turn. One we pay attention and the other we let our ego take charge.

Recently I re-read Julia Cameron’s words – take your story’s dictation, don’t stop to direct. Something like that. Stop and listen to the story. Let the characters tell you what they are, need, want done.

Just like Iris. She told me long ago she’s a widow. She’s happy because she loved and was loved. She’s open if it shows up again, but she’s not looking. With her husband it was the last thing she expected to happen…fall in love.

Hey that’s new. I didn’t know that small detail before writing it here. I’m getting the writing itch. Something’s feeling true. Time to get back to Iris and find out what more she has to tell me.

Listen, you might hear something amazing.