I’m lost

I have the characters. I have a concept. I sure have the notes. I don’t have a clue how they go together. They are driving me nuts and are freezing me from moving forward.

Then why keep going? Why not put them and Melody Hew away? Why be stubborn and frustrated with this?

Easy. They won’t go away.

Writing is…it doesn’t make sense unless you are a writer. I’ve seen many knitters who constantly share knitting memes and talk about piles and piles of yarn. They hoard yarn the way I hoard books. To Be Read equals To Be Knitted.

Writers are the same. We hoard ideas. To Be Written.

I can’t walk away and I don’t know how to put them together. Now what?

I sit with them and word-circle around them till I find their path. More note making. Maybe a little chapter planning – story blueprints.

Find the breadcrumbs and follow them.