It’s Not Fluff

I’m sitting trying to figure out what I want to write and all different thoughts are flying through my head. None making much sense and most seem flighty which brought me to this – Romance genre is not fluff.

Yes, it can be. It can be innocent sweet love. No drama just falling in love.

That’s not fluff. Some look to reading this type of romance to escape the drama of real life. Some want a bit of drama in the romance story as long as there is the happy ever after.

It’s the same escape others find in different genres. Sometimes, I actually cheer the mass slasher.

It’s why negative labels should never be applied to any genre because, like me, you might find yourself writing something you never thought you would. Or reading a genre you once dismissed.

Be open to any genre, even those you think you would/could never read/write because, well, because they’re too ______.

And this post went in a different direction once again.