Do you need to love your characters?

I would hope so, even the “bad” guys/gals. My entire story idea stemmed from writing Midnight Find. I fell for 2 characters, besides my main, as they kept showing up in my thoughts. And then the questions of what if, what’s next also kept popping up in my mind.

What were their backstories, future stories? What happened to them after…?

Even with those characters that I purposely write as the not-so-nice troublemakers. There’s something fun, likeable, about creating a character that just doesn’t give a hoot about what they do or who they hurt. It’s basically freeing. To be honest, writers get away with murder every time they write a murder. For romance, I can write a, what did a friend once call them…a barracuda…the female aiming to take the guy away from the girl who loves him.

It’s fun writing characters that you wouldn’t normally like or want to be around. The *itches and *astards.  Should they have any redeeming qualities? Sure. Why?

Why can’t the nasty being just be a nasty being? What about…I’ve done it now, planted an idea…a couple who get together simply because the other fills a want and nothing more. They never actually fall in love or find love. They’re just together to achieve what they want.

Maybe they’re the perfect matchmakers because they are so predatory they see clearly into others and instinct allows them to make the best matches. Maybe it’s a contest between them, who can make the most love matches.

I’ve just gone and created my next series, haven’t I? Boy, did this posting take an unplanned turn.