Am I really writing…

…the romance I haven’t enjoyed reading? The story is starting with two characters not liking each other, well, not really. She’s mistrusting him and he’s trying not to fall for her. They share a sad past which, what, leads to a happy every after?

I’m writing a romance formula I don’t mix with when I’m reading them. What makes mine different? And since I’ve just shared this, why should you read mine? My intention is not to put the romance genre down. I’m proving, I hope, we never really know a genre until we start writing it. Or, reading beyond the top level of understanding…fluff reading.

Either way I’m writing a story that used to drive me batty, now to write past the parts I don’t connect with and avoid the areas, the arcs, I haven’t liked…he likes her/she likes him, they argue or another interferes, they walk away from each other, they come back to each other, it was all a misunderstanding. In simpler words…they meet, fall in love, argue, fall out of love, only to realize their love, and end HEA.  They meet; they lose each other; they get each other.  So many ways to word the same thing. Hopefully, I can offer a new wording that you’ll like.

Oh, those arcs, you can avoid them; however, be prepared for those who will disagree.