Allow me to tell you about: Iris

This is going to be a very quick and rough outline of who the character, Iris, is and why she’s the lead.

I wrote a novella, guess that’s what you could call it, under my main name and a character there kept nagging at me to write her story. Then it turned into her sister’s story because Iris was the better matchmaker of the two. I didn’t even know Olive had a sister.

Iris, she’s a widow. That’s the path she’s taken me down which surprised me as I thought I knew all about her…I did create her after all. Characters will do that to you. You think you have them all written out and set up and then they take over and mess up what you thought was a good story. Most times they can make the story better, if you let them, and that’s for another time.

Iris is still a widow not because she doesn’t believe in love, but because, for her, she had the true love of her lifetime. Olive? She falls in love repeatedly. No, Iris has friends she goes out with, but they’re not meant for her heart. She ends up finding them their matches without even trying.

Iris recognizes the fabled true love. The enduring love. Even the next love and she knows one day she might see her own next love. If it happens, so be it. If it doesn’t, so be it.

They, Iris and Olive, are the different sides of the same coin. Each believing in love. It’s actually how Tina, from Midnight Find (Christine I Steeves), found hers. And, I’m getting ahead of myself. See, Olive directed Tina in one direction that was the right direction, just not exactly how, who, or what Tina envisioned.

It’s complicated…okay, to listen to Iris and Olive it’s not all that complicated. If I would just get their story written I would see that in the end the sisters were right…apparently they’re always right.

Anyhoo, that’s about how it goes with Iris. She loves love and wants others to have what she had. Yes, Olive, you will get your turn at the blog.

If I swore I would tell you an author spends most of her (his, their) time talking to fictional characters.

Bye for now.