The Pseudonym: for author or reader?

For the author.

I do not believe I am a romantic. I have never called myself a romantic. My husband is the romantic in our relationship, I’m more pragmatic. However, I do like it when he shows up with cards, flowers, candy, and just those little gifts that make me smile.

Melody Hew allows me to bring the romantic out to the light. While I feel silly writing, this genre, as myself, it fits with my pseudonym. I can fool myself.

Sounds crazy, I know. Fake? Never.

I’m not embarrassed. I’m shy. I’m not a public display person. Yes, I hug my child in public. I’ve even hugged the husband in front of others. You know what I mean by public displays of affection.

However, our friends did nickname us Bubbles and Chipper when we first started to date. That was over thirty years ago.  Maybe I should have gone with Bubbles Hew instead of Melody?

Naw. Melody is musical, light…okay, bubbly. Would you believe me when I say that connection never came to mind until I started to write these words?

Guess I am a romantic. At least more than I believed.

For the reader.

When you pick up a Melody Hew book, visit her website and read her blog, you will know what to expect. Melody Hew is my brand. You can be assured there won’t be violence, detailed sex, horror, or anything else but light-hearted happy. Does that sound too sugary? Too sappy?  I can be sappy. I can write some sappiness.

Guess I’ve confused romance with sappiness. Hmm, not confused…renamed for my own comfort.

Sheesh, this writing sure took a turn I didn’t expect. I am a romantic and I hide behind Melody Hew in order to bring these stories to life.