What do I consider is romance?

Basic romance involves two people meeting and falling in love forever being happy. Everything else around that core is filler story working within the accompanying genres. While this sounds boring, it isn’t. At least if written well, which I hope mine will be seen as.

Romance isn’t my strong suit. Not even my main reading genre. However, I’m finding an attraction to it. There has been some authors who have shown their blending of my preferred genres with romance that have been changing my mind. Also, my first published novella is classified as a sweet romance, under my real name, written within specific parameters – no Happy Every After, at least not the standard definition.

The questions which come to mind:  (1) Why then am I writing romance? (2) Why under a pseudonym?

A character I created in that first novella won’t leave my mind. She’s a secondary character who is slightly bigger than life and I like her. But, she won’t be my main character, her sister Iris will be. I had trouble figuring out how to link the one story to something new with a name that I felt I had to change – forgot I knew someone and it just didn’t fit. So a new name and then a new relationship came to mind.

Why not write under my real name? Am I embarrassed? No, I want the freedom to forget who I’ve always been. Something I’ve said before. Also, restating, readers will learn what to expect when they see the name Melody Hew.

I looking forward to finding out more about Iris and more about my alter – Melody Hew.