Too Sappy

Can it be too sappy? Not sappy enough? What’s wrong with sappiness? What is sapping?

I’ve also thought sappy meant too much lovey-dovey, too perfect a match, too much _____, everything and anything. And still that’s not a bad thing.

All this depends on what the reader is looking for and what the writer feels needs to be written. What the story and character calls for. And then again it can be overdone to the point of cavity making – so sweet the tooth aches.

Any romance story needs balance just like every relationship needs it, and the give and take. I find the best romances are when the characters are realistic or close to this. Sure, have the lead be a spy but make them a real person. They should have true emotions, actions, and reactions. Have a reason for their behaviours. An average guy finding out he’s a dad – what are his reactions. The girl next door realizes she doesn’t want to marry the guy standing at the altar…why? Two high school sweethearts find each other years later.

All these scenarios can be sappy, serious, and even angry as they reach their endings. And don’t forget humour.The overboard comes when the realism goes. Yes, even fairies, mermaids, vamps, and werewolves should have reality in their being.

Too sappy? That’s all in the writing.